Strategy Games for Girls and Boys

Up for a challenge? Are you brave enough to take on an adventure and win the game? Prove your skills in the strategy games for girls and boys at FreeKI Games. Our strategy games for kids help players strengthen their problem-solving skills while they play. Each family-friendly games contains fun characters and graphics that make strategizing a solution to win fun.

Civilization Wars and The King’s League: Odyssey for action-packed adventures that test your strategy skills, while games like Sweet Mahjong and Jewels Hero require more concentrated, low-key strategy. Ask your family and friends to join and play too, so that you can compare tactics and strategies used to win these fun games!

Play These Fun Games!

  • Beach Reversi
    Plays: 28543
  • Billiard Blitz: Pool Skool
    Plays: 38848
  • Civilization Wars
    Plays: 92090
  • Cruiser
    Plays: 222857
  • Doodle Dug
    Plays: 550244
  • Gazzoline!
    Plays: 69649
  • Grub Guardian
    Plays: 2834076
  • Jewels Hero
    Plays: 49902
  • Kamikaze Pigs
    Plays: 50888
  • Keeper of 4 Elements
    Plays: 388923
  • Pipe It 3
    Plays: 13607
  • Pocket Platoon
    Plays: 83620
  • Sewerage Rebellion
    Plays: 9106
  • Sorcery Stones
    Plays: 777927
  • Sweety Mahjong
    Plays: 44070
  • The King's League: Odyssey
    Plays: 183686
  • World's Guard
    Plays: 41676

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