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Are you an Apple user? Pick up your iPhone or iPad and Play fun Apple games and mobile games on FreeKIGames. These free Apple games work across all Apple devices and are a great way to earn free crowns on the go!

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Can you save the EverVerse?

EverClicker is a 3D adventure like no other! The further you travel, the more amazing heroes you can awaken! Empower your troop with special powers and cool effects, and celebrate victories in an upgradeable Feast Hall. With each click, you have the power to unlock magical spells, rare items and more from the mysterious world of the EverVerse.

Save Planet Whiskar!

It’s time to defend the galaxy with your best puzzle matching skills! Start your journey deep into space as the AlphaCat, and captain your crew to battle your toughest enemies in a labyrinth of ever-changing dungeons. As you match epic chains to defeat the baddies, you’ll uncover treasures that strengthen your team.

Stomp & Roar Your Way to Victory!

A new strategic action destruction game with your own team of powerful monsters! Smash cities in this monster adventure! Use strategy and a team of massive bugs, dinosaurs and creatures to rampage your way through enemy buildings to take your planet back from the greedy humans.

Train Your Wizard101 Pets in Grub Guardian!

Grub Guardian ties directly to your Wizard101 live account so you can train your pets on your mobile phone or tablet! Play for free Wizard101 game codes or pet experience, this free mobile app is available through iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. This game was voted as one of the top Apple games!

This app is currently only available in US app stores.



Play a Fun Puzzle Game - Win Free Wizard101 Game Codes!

WizardBlox is a free puzzle iOS app will get you hooked! Test your speed and reactions as you play through each level. Get out your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and play WizardBlox for free today! Head over to FreeKI Games for free Apple games on the go.

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