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Valerie Head kicked off her career as a tester for Electronic Arts before becoming a Product Analyst at Midway. She arrived at KingsIsle Entertainment in 2007 and, as QA Lead, played an instrumental role in the launch of Wizard101. In 2010, Valerie joined the Wizard101 Design team, where she continues to create new worlds for its 30 million players.

Some Fun Facts About Valerie

First game I ever played: Super Mario Bros

First game I fell in love with: The Legend of Zelda, but more recently the Mass Effect series.

Best part of my job: “Creating and collaborating with my team members to build interesting and fun gameplay. I only get to see a slice of the process but once it’s all complete I love seeing how we all came together to bring a vision from pen & paper into something interactive and innovative.”

Play Valerie's Favorite FreeKI Game -
Ninjas Never Die!


Top Rated

  • Wizard101
    Plays: 524785
  • Dueling Diego
    Plays: 667983
  • Keeper of 4 Elements
    Plays: 385276
  • Mini Dash
    Plays: 620242
  • The King's League: Odyssey
    Plays: 182756

More Game Info

Girl Gamers are Cool!


Girl gamers can design, play and dominate in games just as well as the boys! We like all different kinds of games. What's your favorite game to play at FreeKI Games?

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    Plays: 296429
  • Cruiser
    Plays: 222268


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