What Can I Win?

The higher your game score, the more cool free codes you can win!

Win Free Game Codes for Wizard101 and Pirate101!

As you play the free online games on this site, achieving higher scores earns you free game codes for use in Wizard101 with your character. Be sure to check back often and score as high as possible since you can win special items like rare items and mount rentals!

There are many different tiers of rewards. Since each game scores at a different rate, each game will reach the tiers at a different score.

  • Sorcery Stones rewards start at a score of 25,000.
  • Doodle Dug rewards start at a score of 1,500.
  • Grub Guardian rewards start at a score of 150.
  • Dueling Diego gives Pirate101 rewards starting at a score of 2,000.

Right now, the bonus items include reagents, pet snacks, gardening seeds, housing decorations, rental mounts, transformations and rare casting wands!

Tier / Rewards

  • 1. You will win 50 gold, PLUS one bonus item
  • 2. You will win 100 gold, PLUS one bonus item
  • 3. You will win 150 gold, PLUS one bonus item
  • 4. You will win 200 gold, PLUS one bonus item
  • 5. You will win 300 gold, PLUS one bonus item
  • 6. You will win 450 gold, PLUS one bonus item
  • 7. You will win 650 gold, PLUS one bonus item

Please remember, a level does not equal a tier. You may reach level 10 in one game and only achieve a tier 3 score, and you may reach level 15 in a different game and still receive a tier 3 reward. Each game scales differently to the reward tiers.

Rewards are limited to 25 codes per account per day across all FreeKI Games.

Grub Guardian has a different set of rewards, based on the level and difficulty of the map.


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