Grub Guardian FAQs

Grub Guardian has a lot of cool features! Get answers to your questions here.

Basic Questions

Where can I play?

iOS gameplay can be found at the App Store (USA Only)
Web based game play at KI Free Games

What is it?

Grub Guardian is a Guardian Defense game where you defend the grub against swarms of different enemies while you train your Wizard101 pet or play to receive free Wizard101 prizes.

How do I play?

The goal of Grub Guardian is to prevent the mobs from stealing all of your grub! You can place guardians down using silver to help you defend your grub. Each guardian you place can be upgraded or removed throughout the game to help you change your strategy.

Can I play Wizard101 and Grub Guardian at the same time?

You will not be able to log into Grub Guardian and Wizard101 at the same time.


What do I get for playing?

When you log into your Wizard101 account to play Grub Guardian, you can earn Wizard101 prizes that will automatically redeem on your Wizard101 account OR you can earn Pet experience which can be used to level up your Wizard101 pet.

Can I get codes AND level up my pet?

No. On the map selection screen there is a check box where you can choose to play for Pet Experience or Wizard101 Prizes.

What if I play without logging into my Wizard101 account?

Without logging into the game you get medals for each map. You can continue to play to unlock the next maps, but do not get any Wizard101 prizes. If you forget to log in and finish a map the game will prompt you to login so that you can still earn your Wizard101 prizes.

Where do my reward codes go?

The code is automatically redeemed onto your account. When you log into the Wizard101 game the next time, you will see a Gift Icon on your screen to get your items for your character!

When I play a Pet game in Wizard101, I get to feed my pet snacks. Can I feed my Pet snacks through Grub Guardian?

Yes! Just like in Wizard101 you get the opportunity to feed your pet after every map. Make sure to click the button to Feed them though, or they might go hungry!


Can things be purchased through GG?

Yes! You can buy new map packs, towers and pets through GG. You can also buy Crowns through the GG game.

Where can I see the purchases I made through GG?

All purchases for GG will show up on your Crowns history page on They will be listed under games as “Grub Guardian”.

If I unlock a map with one pet, will I still have access to it if I play using a different pet?

Yes! Once you unlock a map, it is unlocked for all of your pets.

Advanced Play

What is the Epic upgrade?

If you have trouble getting through a map, you get the opportunity to purchase an Epic upgrade with Crowns. This levels your pet up to level 5 (or EPIC) for that map only!

What if I purchase the Epic upgrade and I don’t get through the map?

Don’t worry, your purchase stays on that map until you complete the map!

Will my map medals carry over from pet to pet?

No, once you switch pets you also switch which medals are showing up on your maps. Try to get gold on every map for every pet if you can!

If I purchase a new Map pack or Tower, can I use it on any pet?

Yes, any Crowns item you purchase for Grub Guardian can be used on any pet.

What is the Mega upgrade?

If you have trouble getting through a map, you get the opportunity to purchase a Mega upgrade with Crowns. This levels your pet up to level 6 (or MEGA) for that map in Grub Guardian only! Upgrading your pet to Mega does not affect your pet's level in Wizard101.

What happens if I purchase an Epic upgrade and Mega upgrade on the same map?

If you purchase both an epic AND a mega upgrade, only the mega upgrade will be consumed upon successful completion of the map. That means that if you play the map again, the Epic upgrade will still be in effect until you beat the map again.

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